Spur of the moment New Year’s Eve Day challenge…

I’m going to do a distance walk today…going to see how far down I can walk Van Nuys Blvd! I’m cool with a bus ride home, not going to make it a round trip. Ventura and Van Nuys is 5.5 miles from home. Can I hang with the whole route? We’ll see.

UPDATE: I got as far as Van Nuys and Burbank Boulevards. My left ankle, which I wrenched in July, started giving me crap again. Unlike certain people I know, I decided against pushing through the pain and just called it there. I know that my approach to fitness is “wimpy” compared to others, but I really am a strong believer in slow and sustainable rather than riding myself hard and putting myself away wet. It’s meant 25 pounds down from my highest weight, and about 20 pounds since April of 2012, but I haven’t gone UP a huge amount. There is a variance in scale weight, but it’s in a “trading range” of a couple of pounds plus or minus. And every time I’ve stepped on my doctor’s scale it’s been on a downward trajectory.

I walked 4.7 miles, all told, today. Not a personal best, but not bad.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.


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