Con fitness and the 80/20 strategery

Me in KigurumiI am getting ready to leave the LAX area after one of my favorite geek cons, Anime Los Angeles. I have been going every year for its entire existence save for one year when I had a really nasty cold and had to give it a miss.

It is conventional wisdom to stay in the con hotel if a con is located at a hotel. It is convenient as hell and you have a staging area to get in and out of costume if you are a cosplayer. I don’t really cosplay…the cat Kigu I’m wearing in this pic is store-bought and just cute and comfortable. I shoot video, however, and it is pretty tempting to stay in the con hotel so that I can keep some of my rigs at home base and just bring the camera bag and the rig I need to use, be it a tripod or a shoulder mount.

This time, however, I stayed off-site. My motel was a little less than half a mile from the con hotel. And you know what? It worked for me! The distance was close enough to where I was not worn out by repeated back-and-forth trips, and I managed to log 1.6 miles of walking on Saturday and 2.4 miles on Sunday just shuttling between the con hotel and the motel. WIN.

However, what is FAIL about the area this con is in is the area around the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in which the con is located. You have two categories of choices for food in the area: either crappy fast food/diner food or very pricey and mediocre hotel food. You could eat fairly healthily at the hotel restaurants, and some even have “spa menus” which are designed to be healthy. But that would break the bank cost-wise.

What’s a person who wants to lead a healthy life to do in this case? My friend Stu gave me some great advice on this, actually. His rule of thumb is that if you eat healthily 80 percent of the time you can be off your regimen 20 percent of the time. So yeah, now that I am prepping to get back home from the motel (Thank you for decent and free WiFi, Travelodge LAX!) I will be probably also be lowering my carb intake and raising my fruit and veggie intake for the next week or so, and backing off considerably on fats, limiting those to “good” ones like olive oil and avocado. I have given myself license to eat a not-so-healthy diet this weekend. Now it’s time to revoke that license.

This motel *does* have a fitness room, with a modest amount of equipment…I could have gotten some strength training workouts in. However, I underpacked clothes (usually it’s more like overpacking when I do things like this) and had to make a few things last for the whole con. So I gave it a miss. Next time if I stay here I’ll bring workout wear.


One thought on “Con fitness and the 80/20 strategery

  1. As a punch line to this story of yucky fast food and walks back and forth to and from con, I weighed myself this morning. I am down to my lowest weight yet: 192.8. Again, scale weight should be taken with a grain of salt, but at least I did not gain like I thought I might. One of the good things about my very slow approach is that I haven’t been weight cycling. There is a plus-or-minus 2 pound “trading range” where my weight varies, but the overall trajectory has been downward. I actually feel pretty good today…I was bushed yesterday and I needed a rest day considering that I had done walks every day for 10 days, one of those being a distance walk. Back to the routine today…

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