Out with the old, in with the new…

Green Tea Fields, JapanSurprise! If I exchange my Pepsi Max habit for a much healthier green tea habit, I will *not* take a major hit with regard to consumption of the necessary amount of caffeine to jump start my brain in the morning.

In an 8 ounce serving of Pepsi Max, you get 46mg of caffeine. An 8 ounce serving of green tea has 30 to 50mg of caffeine. 69mg of caffeine in a 12 ounce can of Pepsi Max, 45 to 75mg of caffeine in 12 ounces of green tea, and I’m willing to wager the way I brew my green tea for iced tea would give it the high end of that figure.

So yeah, it’s a bit more effort than popping open a can, but I should not get withdrawal symptoms. Unless I get withdrawal symptoms from going off of aspartame. (Nutrasweet, Equal etc.) Which could be a definite possibility.

Info on green tea caffeine levels:

Info on Pepsi Max caffeine levels:


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