Decisions, Decisions…


Great LA Walk 2012. I did 6 miles of the 17 mile course.

While I was walking today, I made a decision. I will be pushing back my plans of walking across the Valley and instead do it after I’ve trained for two other events: the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Santa Barbara, and the Great Los Angeles Walk. Avon Walk is two days, over September 7th and 8th. GLAW will be November 23rd. I have decided to push the walk across the Valley to December 26th, which will be the 7th anniversary of Richie’s diagnosis with multiple myeloma. This will give me a whole year to get into shape to do long, long walks. The Avon Walk will afford my SB/Carp/Goleta/IV friends a chance to cheer me on.

Avon Walk

I think this is a celebration at the end of the Avon Walk.


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