Toys not in the attic

Toys not in the attic

Mini trampoline, gym mat, roller, medicine ball, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbag leg weights, balance ball.

This is my collection of fitness tools that I’ve been recently acquiring. The 12-pound cast iron dumbbells I’ve had for a while. I have a bicycle (beach cruiser) and a stationary recumbent bike not shown here that were also acquired within the space of a few years. Everything else was gotten fairly recently, during this period from April to now that I’ve been actively on my fitness journey.

Hand Tools Detail

Closer in on the stuff on the mini trampoline. The resistance bands are actually attached to the trampoline.

From left to right, there are two 7 pound kettlebells, two 12 pound dumbbells, a 6 pound medicine ball, and two 5 pound sandbag leg weights. The bands are actually not free resistance bands, but are attached to the trampoline. I might detach them because they really don’t do much good on the trampoline. They aren’t stiff enough to stabilize you as you bounce, and when you are bouncing your body is too busy trying to stabilize itself (or at least mine is) to want to work the upper body with attached free resistance bands.

Bells Detail

Closer in so you can see the bells better.

So basically my task is to learn how to use these properly. I have an appointment with one of the trainers at the Mid-Valley Family YMCA (My local Y where I belong) to learn how to use the hand weights properly. From what I understand if you don’t use proper form you can really screw your muscles up badly. This is why I have been very reluctant to use them until now. I need to give myself a plan B to make sure that I get my strength training workouts in even when I don’t make it to the gym. No excuses.


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