Doc visit update

Medical cadeuceusSaw the Doc yesterday, and basically all the news was good. My cholesterol is quite low, although that’s pretty much always been the case for me even at my heaviest. My blood pressure is well under control, and I no longer have to take one of my two blood pressure meds.

One little bit of bad news: I hit a scale weight plateau again. Woohoo. I know that scale weight is largely immaterial, and that the most important thing is my health. But it does have a psychological effect. It pumps up the anxiety, and makes you feel that whatever you are doing is for naught.

I wish there was a more evidence-based version of The Biggest Loser. Instead of the dramatic weigh-ins and eliminations based on weight, the training would be done under supervision of an exercise physiologist and a physician. Progress would be judged on increases in cardiovascular fitness, lowering of risk factors like cholesterol and high blood pressure, and improvements in endurance and strength. There would be challenges like running 5Ks and 10Ks, obstacle courses, “tough mudder” kind of events, etc. In the end, the winner would be judged the most physically fit among the trainees, regardless of size or scale weight. And those who did not see improvement in these measurable criteria would be eliminated one by one. Call the show “Survival of the Fittest.” I’m giving you a gift, reality TV producers. DO EET.


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