This Otagenki thing has mushroomed.

I’m going to try and put together a community for geeks who want to get fit. It’s up now but not much is happening there at this point.

My goal here is to promote healthier lifestyles in the fandoms I’ve been involved with since childhood. I am hoping that I bring together people who will perhaps find other like-minded people and support each other in their fitness journeys. I am also hoping the merch store on Cafe Press might perhaps make this effort sustainable.

UPDATE: I am sad to say the forum I initially set up did not work out. I need to find a new solution because community is a very important part of what I want to build here. I might just have to rely on Facebook or something like that, but I would rather have a forum proper.

In spite of that, still not bad for work casually done in the space of a couple or maybe 3 hours over a weekend…


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