A step after a step after a step is power.

The Power of Walking
This is an incredibly good essay, and points out how, when we make a decision to lead a healthier life, that this decision affects the world around us as well as ourselves.

I’m not going to say that just walking will do it: a certain amount of activism is required. If your neighborhood is not walkable, demand what wonks call “complete streets” that have amenities for pedestrians. In some of these places where pedestrians don’t have the right of way, and there are a lot of them, actually, the law must be changed.

The more walk-friendly a neighborhood is, the better they are for quality of life. Everyone who follows this blog…I want you to feel your strength. I want you to be a part of a movement for improved fitness of neighborhoods, not just improved physical fitness. We can do this one step at a time.


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