Defining the missions of two sites in one swell foop…

OK, now that I have two fitness-oriented websites running here at WordPress.Com, I need to define what they’re both about. I figured best to do it here because I started Less Fat Chick (LessFatChick, lessfatchick) first.

Mission of Less Fat Chick:
1.) A personal weblog about my fitness journey.
2.) Posts here tend to be more political and more personal than at Otagenki.
3.) This is not a community site, although I suspect that both the fitness and the feminist community online might possibly be interested in stuff I have to say here. Or maybe not, who knows.

Mission of Otagenki:
1.) Building a community of geeky folks who want to get healthy.
2.) Organizing Otagenki events.
3.) Eventually multiple authors will be able to post articles here, but I’m going to be picky about whom I choose to write here.

What will both have in common?
1.) Focus on health instead of thinness, with a dose of realism in the mix. If you are obese, it is not likely you will become thin. You can become less fat, though, although “less” has varying values depending on the individual and their genetic makeup.
2.) Focus on nutrition that emphasizes real food and does not sell fake diet foods.
3.) Size positivity: no fat shaming allowed. You do not have to fat shame people to get them to get healthy. A person can be big and healthy, just as they can be thin and sick.
4.) Promote free resources whenever possible. There might be gadget geek aspects to Otagenki, but I really want to emphasize fitness on a budget. Just because I like my GPS watch and use it as a training tool does not mean it’s a necessary tool. Before I got it, and after I found out that my smartphone’s GPS was too flaky to use as a training tool, I used which allows you to map a walk and find out how far you went. That is 100% free and usable even on old computers. Google mashups tend to be like that, and’s “Map My Walk” function is a Google Maps mashup.
5.) Debunk gimmicks and flim-flammery whenever possible. There are too many people getting rich off of people’s frenzy to lose weight and get fit. Most of the time what they are selling is useless or worse. Some of the time what they’re selling is even harmful.


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