A year’s worth of progress — no foolin’.

From time to time, particularly when I hit a scale weight plateau but other times when maybe I’m sick or maybe I’m down on myself, I forget where I was a year ago at this time.

Now that I am getting close to the first anniversary of this very gradual and very cautious fitness journey, I can look back on a whole year and see incredible progress.

A Year Of Work: Medians

In April, 2012, my median walk was less than a mile. In March, 2013, my median walk is now almost 2.6 miles.

A Year Of Work: Monthly mileage

In April, 2012, my total mileage for the month was less than 30 miles. In March, 2013, my total mileage for the month was a hair shy of 90 miles. In April, 2012, I was over 200 pounds. In March 2013, I am sneaking up on 189 pounds, and losing. I have a belt I bought in May of last year that I had to use on the first notch. Now I need to use the 5th and last notch to buckle the belt, and pretty soon I am gong to have to make more holes. I have one pair of “skinny pants” that I can’t fit into yet: those were given to me by a neighbor who had gained and could not wear anymore. She thought they might fit me. Soon, I hope. The rest of my pants are fat pants I have to belt up to prevent a “wardrobe malfunction.”

Most importantly, I feel the strongest and healthiest I have ever felt in my life. This includes my childhood and young adulthood. It’s awesome.


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