Catching up here…

On Sunday, I did my longest walk yet. 11.85 miles. This is according to my GPS watch. If I was to go by the results on my Fitbit, this was a day when I walked the equivalent of a half-Marathon. This is a rough picture of my route…however, it’s longer than what is depicted. Let me show you a picture, then explain.


OK, a bit before Mile 11, when I got near the 405 freeway, I ran into a pedestrian detour. I thought I could outsmart it and pressed on, until it became abundantly clear that there was no way of getting around it. So I had to turn around and pass under Wilshire, using the Veteran’s Administration underpass. It doesn’t seem like much at first blush but when you’ve been walking as far as I had been at that point, it was no mean feat to hang with the detour and follow it around. I was basically in “zombie walk” mode, but I managed to make it all the way to the end of the route, Warrior Concerto by The Glitch Mob pounding in my headphones at the last few minutes as I went. I got my Personal Record and freaking SPIKED IT at the very end.

I started feeling a little gastric distress on the bus on my way back, but thought that maybe it was just a reaction to having walked a longer distance than I ever had — to that point — in my entire life. However, I noticed on Monday that food was “hitting bottom” in my stomach in a very distressing way. Then finally, last night, my entire GI tract let loose with the worst gastroenteritis I had experienced since a friend had to rescue my raggedy ass from Southern California Linux Expo a little over a year ago.

I wound up getting up several times last night/this morning…and now I’m tired and hungry but at least not running the slightly elevated temperature I was running earlier today. I’m eating…carefully…and drinking lots and lots of water, some even with electrolyte replacement powder in it. I want to be ready for Ciclavia on Sunday…if I walk the entire course, I will have achieved another Personal Record. And I will be doing it in honor of the fallen and the injured at the Boston Marathon. Gotta wear blue and yellow this time.

One last thing before I wrap this entry up…a little inspiration. Another Less Fat Chick, getting real.


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