Slowly but surely, progress is being made.

Yesterday I did an orientation class at a local Crossfit studio. I have 10 classes at Golden State Crossfit North in Sherman Oaks, which hopefully will bridge me up until the new gym in Panorama City, Universal Fitness, opens. Universal promises to have their own Crossfit program amongst the amenities there, which will be very cool for me.

Crossfit is very, very intense…and we only really did 10 minutes of it. But it kicked my ass. I am not able to sustain a running pace…part of the mini-WOD (Workout of the Day) we did required running 200 meters. I maybe was able to do a 100 meter dash the first round but I found myself having to walk on the way back during the first round, then walking that distance the other two rounds I did. We also swung kettlebells around. I have kettlebells, but easily the one I was using was twice as heavy as the ones I have at home.

So yeah, lots of work to be done. This is the next level. Looking forward to the Fundamentals classes.

Looked in the mirror today to assess myself. I can see progress now. It’s like looking at a statue emerging from a block of raw stone…my calves look pretty good, my thighs, butt and belly not so much. Still, the fact that it’s visible to me makes me very happy. At the Doc last week they weighed me and I was down four pounds from the last weigh-in. OK, my scale weight is oscillating in a range of 4 pounds or so. It doesn’t make much difference though…I may disappoint myself from time to time but progress is being made.

Image by Michelle Klein-Hass, taken at Art Of Fit I, Titmouse Studios, Hollywood, CA, US


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