Sending out an SOS…

Yesterday I attempted to do another long-distance walk (my goal was 13.1 miles, a half-Marathon) and had to cut the walk short, this time because of moderate but alarming leg pain. Today, waking up, my legs and particularly my hamstrings are super-sore. I don’t think I injured myself badly, I think I just put some strain on some of my leg muscles.

Anyone with any ideas on how I should proceed? I don’t want to just blindly sally forth and maybe really injure myself in the process, but I also don’t want to backslide in my progress. Today when I weighed myself I finally broke through the 192 pound barrier that had existed for the past couple of months. I’m now at 191 and change in scale weight. I also still have the events I’ve been training for ahead of me. I can’t afford a personal trainer.


One thought on “Sending out an SOS…

  1. My mom pulled her hamstring and for a healthy recovery and to keep in shape they recommended biking on a stationary bike. She’s an avid runner so she probably felt the way you do. I hope that helps ya out.

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