A missive from the He Man Woman Haters Club

I Heart Haters Well, well, well, what have we here? DH Kiefer. Some random guy with no background in exercise physiology. (He is a PhD candidate in Physics, but that’s a different field altogether.) For some reason, he has a serious need to bash women who do cardio. And by bash, he does it with tons of venom and contempt. It almost was enough to trigger some bad memories of an abusive old boyfriend or two; and those of my mom’s boyfriend who smacked me around for years before he finally smacked my mom around and convinced her to show him the door. His essay, Why Women Shouldn’t Run, is a polemic dripping with hatred of women, of women’s curves, of women who eat food and like it, and women who are big.

Seriously, if he really had some novel insights into why women shouldn’t do cardio, he could have presented them without the venom. He would get taken a hell of a lot more seriously, especially by me. I wouldn’t be so frosted right now if not for the tone of the article. I noticed he did his homework, but I can’t help but think he’s misread a lot of studies or twisted them to suit his needs and enrich his consulting/personal trainer business. The scientific consensus has continuously validated the health benefits of cardio for both genders, but the scientific consensus has also found that it is exceedingly hard to LOSE WEIGHT through cardio, especially for women. I don’t exercise to lose weight, I exercise to be healthier. It is the curse of humanity that our bodies defend weight jealously, because evolution has selected people with thrifty metabolisms who can survive famines.

I advise that those who have undergone a lot of interpersonal verbal abuse stay away from the article because it might be a trigger. However, res ipsa loquitur. (It speaks for itself.) If he hates seeing curvy women in the gym so much, maybe he should move to West Hollywood, CA and patronize some of the fine fitness establishments there. Many tend to be men-only, not by policy of course, but by the fact that the clientele is self-selecting.


3 thoughts on “A missive from the He Man Woman Haters Club

  1. I find that article to make very good sense and not to be hateful at all. I dont understand what you found so offensive about it… and I do think that all this running by women is unhealthy./and all this training for races and such a scam. European women, do not do this, and they are a lot thinner than we are..

  2. Wendie, it’s the TONE I found offensive. If he simply said that cardio was inadvisable for women, and listed the reasons why, without resorting to fat-shaming and misogynist language, I would not have been disgusted. I can’t understand how you can’t be offended by his tone. BTW there are lots and lots of women who run, competitively and otherwise, in Europe. Oddly enough, there’s a lot of women-only races in France, of all places.

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