Back to Crossfit!

I am most definitely hurting today, but it’s a good hurt. My first WOD in a couple of months. No excuses, but a bit of explanation: my allergy-related coughing jags, plus this relatively new Plantar Fasciitis issue, kept me back.

Technically my block of classes had expired, but once I showed them my Albuterol inhaler they were apologetic and happy I was there to work out.

Firsts: first pull up, (aided by stretchy bands) first bench press with free weights as opposed to machine, first successful plank. My new personal record on bench press is 45 pounds, which sounds wimpy. However, when you consider that my previous weight with the same lift was 15 pounds, and the lift was on machine instead of with a barbell it’s huge for me.

Weight lifting and I seem to be pretty simpatico. It’s other stuff in Crossfit that is definitely in need of work. Burpees are still not there yet, I need to work on balance issues, and I tend to get crossed up on more elaborate exercises and plyometric warm-up moves. And I still haven’t done a proper box jump yet!

Still, I’m not discontented with where I am. After I exchanged correspondence with current Pan-Am women’s heavyweight weightlifting champ Sarah Robles, and found out about her experiences with Crossfit, I have come to the realization that Crossfit is a challenge even for elite athletes, not just for 49-year-old women that only got into fitness less than 2 years ago.

I’m learning. Ancaro imparo. It’s a process.


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