Applying SCIENCE to the problem.

SCIENCE! What causes obesity…is it a simple matter of calories in, calories out, or is it what we eat rather than how much we eat?

Scientists are finally going to do some serious study on the matter. I am looking forward to what comes of this experiment. However, don’t hold your breath waiting for it…the study is estimated to finish in 5 years.

Read about it here:


2 thoughts on “Applying SCIENCE to the problem.

  1. Fair enough…yeah, certainly lack of activity is a big problem, hence my attempt to get people who are into Asian pop culture into getting exercise at Otagenki.Com . I stress increasing physical activity a lot more than changing diet in my own fitness journey. Not everyone has a family history of eating disorders like I do, and has to be as careful about it as I am, but I think people rely too much on hacking their food intake over getting more active. Because the latter takes work. You don’t have to do much work if you rely on diet…you’re going to be miserable and complaining about how hungry you are but you are not breaking a sweat or feeling the burn in your muscles. It seems to be a big thing with women to not be into working out. There are some women who still think it’s not ladylike. The more fool them! ^_^

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