2013 in shoe leather.

Here’s what MapMyWalk aggregated about my walking this year that just passed:

276 workouts
6 routes
1,027.2 miles
954.9 hours

And here’s the long view of my walking since April 2012:


Medians -- long view



So yeah, it’s not always linear progress. There are ups and downs, there is backsliding and recovery. But it’s always better than the point you started from. This year my walking will likely taper off as I bike more. But it’s still going to be a part of my fitness life.


A year’s worth of progress — no foolin’.

From time to time, particularly when I hit a scale weight plateau but other times when maybe I’m sick or maybe I’m down on myself, I forget where I was a year ago at this time.

Now that I am getting close to the first anniversary of this very gradual and very cautious fitness journey, I can look back on a whole year and see incredible progress.

A Year Of Work: Medians

In April, 2012, my median walk was less than a mile. In March, 2013, my median walk is now almost 2.6 miles.

A Year Of Work: Monthly mileage

In April, 2012, my total mileage for the month was less than 30 miles. In March, 2013, my total mileage for the month was a hair shy of 90 miles. In April, 2012, I was over 200 pounds. In March 2013, I am sneaking up on 189 pounds, and losing. I have a belt I bought in May of last year that I had to use on the first notch. Now I need to use the 5th and last notch to buckle the belt, and pretty soon I am gong to have to make more holes. I have one pair of “skinny pants” that I can’t fit into yet: those were given to me by a neighbor who had gained and could not wear anymore. She thought they might fit me. Soon, I hope. The rest of my pants are fat pants I have to belt up to prevent a “wardrobe malfunction.”

Most importantly, I feel the strongest and healthiest I have ever felt in my life. This includes my childhood and young adulthood. It’s awesome.